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What is Research?

Clinical research can change lives by helping find new or improved treatments. Because of willingness to get involved in studies, medications are available to those in need. Studies help answer questions about investigational medicines. Clinical studies offer a way for almost anyone — regardless of their background — to help improve human health and wellbeing. You can get early access to new medications, access to care and even get paid for participating.

Clinical trials are research studies that examine the way different drugs or medical treatments affect people with certain conditions. Clinical trials strive to determine preventative measures for different diseases as well as ways to screen, diagnose, and treat them. In some clinical trials, two different drugs or treatments are compared to determine which is most effective.

Clinical trials are thoroughly regulated at every level to ensure that all patients involved are safe and experience as few undesirable effects as possible. Most clinical trials have been heavily studied in labs under a variety of conditions before they are ever conducted with people.

What to Expect at Your Visit

You will have a care team to include our PI, Dr. Raoof, Nurse Practitioner, Rebecca Raoof as well as experienced research coordinators who will help you at each study visit. Depending on your trial you may be asked to complete questionnaires or provide samples that are important elements of the study design.


Conditions We Work With

Some of the conditions we work with include Acne, Excema/ Atopic Dermatitis , Rosacea, Psoriasis, Palmoplantor Pustular Psoriasis, Generalized Pustular Psoriasis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Migraines, and others


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