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Are you a teen or adult in need of acne treatment in the San Fernando Valley Encino, California area? Specializing in medical and cosmetic dermatology, the team at RAOOF MD considers a variety of treatment options when addressing acne. All patients from the Greater Los Angeles area are welcome.

Acne Treatment Q & A

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What is acne?

Acne is, by far, the most common condition in the United States, affecting millions of men, women, and teens. Most people are able to identify acne through the presence of pimples, or pustules. However, other signs of acne may include blackheads, cysts, nodules, papules, and whiteheads. These blemishes may appear on the face, neck, chest, back, shoulders, upper arms, and buttocks.

Most people are desperate to treat acne because of the effects it has on their confidence and mental well-being. People who suffer from acne may also be troubled by low self-esteem and depression. Plus, even when breakouts are not actively happening, previous acne breakouts can leave behind scars and dark marks that affect a person’s confidence levels.

Who gets acne and why does it occur?

Anyone can get acne. Although it most commonly affects people in adolescence and young adulthood, acne is also seen in middle-aged adults, too.

The exact causes of acne are unknown. Many doctors think acne occurs due to a variety of factors like hormones, genetics, certain medications, and certain cosmetics. Acne may also worsen due to stress, environmental pollutants, picking at blemishes, and during hormone fluctuations like when a girl/woman has her menstrual period.

What options are offered by RAOOF MD for acne treatment?

Dr. Raoof treats acne by looking at the overall picture of a patient’s lifestyle and heredity. He creates personalized treatment plans for his patients depending on their unique needs. For instance, Dr. Raoof may prescribe oral or topical medications in addition to recommending cosmetic treatments such as chemical peels.

For treatment-resistant acne, he uses a technique known as Photodynamic Acne Treatment which involves applying a special solution to the skin that is activated by light. This treatment has been shown to reduce scarring and lead to smoother-looking skin.

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