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Dr. T. Joseph Raoof enjoys using a selection of cutting-edge laser treatments in his San Fernando Valley, Encino, California practice. Whether for medical or cosmetic reasons, visit a doctor you trust for quality dermatological laser treatments. RAOOF MD welcomes patients from the Greater Los Angeles area.

Laser Treatment Q & A

What do laser treatments do?

Laser treatments are advanced technologies that allow Dr. Raoof to treat a variety of medical conditions and deliver multiple aesthetic treatments for patients in the San Fernando Valley. Laser treatments may be effectively used to remove hair, treat leg veins, treat and improve acne and acne scarring, remove tattoos, address nail fungus, resurface skin for a renewed appearance, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and treat skin conditions such as psoriasis.

What are the benefits of laser treatments?

For the wide range of medical and cosmetic concerns they address, laser treatments provide a long list of advantages in comparison to other treatment approaches. These include offering a non-invasive procedure, causing little or no pain, giving your physician the ability to perform procedures with enhanced precision, allowing you to have procedures done on an outpatient basis, and requiring no downtime. Plus, when it comes to cosmetic procedures, laser treatments produce more dramatic results without having to wait for lotions, creams, or serums to start generating results.

What laser treatment are offered at RAOOF MD?

At the office of Dr. T. Joseph Raoof, patients are able to choose from two different laser treatments that each offer astounding results depending on the condition being treated.

The Harmony Laser is manufactured by Alma Laser and is an incredibly flexible machine capable of addressing a number of clinical concerns. It is popular among patients who are interested in enhancing the tone, texture, and laxity of their skin. The Harmony Laser is effective at treating acne scarring, leg veins, pigmented lesions, psoriasis, and toe nail fungus. This laser can also remove tattoos.

The GentleLase Pro is widely used for laser hair removal. This revolutionary machine also removes vascular anomalies from the leg, eliminating facial veins, and treating epidermal pigmented lesions. The GentleLase Pro has also been proven to be effective at reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

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