There are many ways that a doctor at The Dr. Raoof Laser & Dermatology Center can tell if your lungs are working properly. First, the doctor can do a physical exam using a stethoscope. The doctor will listen to hear if any of the “breath sounds” are abnormal. For example, wheezing, a high-pitched sound produced by airflow through narrowed airways, is an example of an abnormal sound. The doctor can also take a picture of your lungs using a chest x-ray or CAT scan to look for abnormalities in the structure of the lungs, such as an infection like pneumonia. However, these two tests can still miss important problems. For this reason, a breathing test, called spirometry, is often done to further evaluate the health of the lungs. Spirometry can tell you how much air is going into the lungs and how rapidly air is inhaled and exhaled in the lungs (airflow).